Rural Development

Despite India being one of the fastest growing economies in the world, nearly 73 million people continue to live in extreme poverty (Source: UN and Brookings, 2018). The rural population is predominantly engaged in agriculture and completely dependent on rainfed irrigation.

The Bank’s flagship program; the Holistic Rural Development Programme (HRDP) endeavors to provide tools and means to the rural population to grow and prosper. Firstly, the critical needs of the chosen villages are identified and addressed in consultation with the village community and other stakeholders. This is followed by implementation of a bouquet of initiatives basis the need and acceptance levels of uptake by the community. All programs are continuously monitored and assessed for performance and inconsistencies if any, in terms of funds or execution is flagged off.

HRDP’s various initiatives are in the following areas

The various steps involved in implementing a project under HRDP are as below

1. Identification of Districts
(Identified basis Aspirational districts of Niti Aayog).
5. Design of the Programme & Project Initiation
(Design of programme interventions and budgeting).
2. Identification of Villages
(Basis Socio-economic indicators with scope for development and in line with the Bank’s HRDP focus areas).
6. Project Implementation
(Implementation of Initiatives through implementation partners in alignment with Programme design and budget)
3. Conducting a Needs Assessment of the Villages
(Basis consultation with community stakeholders).
7. Hand-over to the Community & Stakeholders
(Phasing out of the project after completion)
4. Selection of Implementation Partners
(Identification of the right partner and empanelment post due diligence).
8. Monitoring & Evaluation
(This step includes continuous monitoring through visits, discussion and reports from partners. This step also includes documentation and evaluation of the project basis identified indicators and assessing project impact)

These initiatives are in line with the Adarsh Gaon Abhiyan of the Government of India and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Holistic Rural Development Programme (HRDP)

Food Security through Grain Banks

Grain Bank protects the disadvantaged farmer families from starvation and exploitation. The farmers can borrow grains in times of need and return during the harvesting season. One of the beneficiaries of the program is Shaheedan, who had to work as a manual labourer even at the age of 53 and had to face issues of inadequate work and payment. She had to often borrow from money lenders, and face exploitation. With the grain bank being set up in her village she can now borrow the grains from there.

She said “Thanks to the grain bank, we can borrow grains in times of need and return it during the harvesting season. This makes us feel like we are taking out grain from our own storage. It makes us feel secure.”

HRDP has also helped create food security in 21 villages in Uttar Pradesh through Grain Banks.

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