Our Uniqueness



At HDFC Bank Wealth, we provide exceptional Wealth services by understanding our customer's needs. Our core business objective is to ensure our client's financial well-being. In this regard, we provide a range of strategic investment products by leveraging our deep-domain knowledge and research capital.

To protect our customer's interests, we ensure the following:

  • Commitment to a fundamental-based ethical approach supported by in-house research expertise that is free of preconceived notions
  • Conservatism woven into all of the HDFC Bank Wealth product offerings. These are based on the philosophy of a clear open architecture behind every asset allocation at the core of every product portfolio, and a sharp focus on a research-based approach in product selection
  • Implementing only tried and trusted investment strategies across all portfolio segments
  • Expertise in evolving a product spectrum in the market, which stems from the knowledge that as valuations mature, the asset categories must themselves evolve
  • Customer-focused business protecting client's interest at every stage through tracking, auditing and validation procedures at customer level. This is supported by tools to control execution and products to support the customer's needs