In the new area of digitization, payments have now become a part and parcel of our lives. Whether it is bills, premiums or even EMI’s, making the payment through the right channel will provide the convenience you earn. At HDFC Bank, we bring you the perfect opportunity to explore the power of simpler and smarter banking.

Our knowledge centre integrates plenty of content resources related to our payment products. Through our editorials we ensure that you understand your options and take the right decision each time. With our compilation, you can now discover the benefits of our payment options which includes instant payments, multiple payments, and app payments, amongst many others. Click down below to know more!

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Smart tips to avoid credit card frauds

Fraudsters are always evolving. Stay one step ahead and stay safe. Here's how.

Credit Cards - All You Need to Know

A Credit Card may seem like just another tool which helps you make purchases, but it for sure can more!

7 Common Rules for Your First Credit Card

Credit Cards can be an immense boon when you hit a rough patch financially, giving you the much ,

Tips to ensure your safety no matter where you travel

Did you know that over 5.4 million Indians travel abroad every year for vacations, business trips, or studies? Now that many people can afford international trips, visiting new places is one of the easiest and most exciting personal experiences one can have

How to Maximize Benefits of your Credit Card Use

Credit Cards have always offered convenience to most users.

What is a Forex Card?

A forex card is your best friend on your travels abroad. It is the easiest way to carry foreign currency and pay for expenses on your overseas trips.

How to activate your Debit Card for international usage?

Debit Cards have, indeed, changed the way we transact today. It is impossible to leave behind the convenience and ease of transactions that Debit Cards provide.

7 tips on how to use Credit Card right!

A Credit Card is one of the most convenient ways to pay. If you use it right, you can enjoy interest-free credit, many rewards and freedom from cash.

Income Tax Calendar: The due date for filing income tax return

If you earn an income, pay taxes or are liable to pay taxes, mark down these tax dates in your calendar. Whether you are salaried or self-employed, you must plan and pay your taxes and file your returns on time.

KYC & Digital Wallets: Everything you wanted to know

Digital wallets like HDFC Bank PayZapp have simplified payments. With PayZapp, you can not only pay for recharges, utility bills, movie tickets, groceries, flight tickets, shopping, taxi rides, etc.

Are Credit Cards free?

You see an advertisement promoting a ‘lifetime free Credit Card’, and you wonder what the catch is. Are Credit Cards free? If they are, why do banks take the trouble of issuing them?

How to transfer money from Forex Card to bank account?

You are back from your trip and have leftover funds in your Forex Card. You want to move it back into your bank account. How do you do it?

How to pay your income tax online?

If you are a salaried individual, your employer probably deducted the taxes you have to pay from your salary (via TDS).