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HDFC Bank’s National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC) FASTag Account makes paying tolls a seamless process. You can buy FASTag online and offline, link multiple vehicles to a single prepaid FASTag wallet and avail of multiple options to recharge it. You can recharge your FASTag using the HDFC Bank FASTag Portal or through platforms such as MyCards, MobileBanking, NetBanking, PayZapp, WhatsApp, or any other UPI enabled mobile app, etc.

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  • What is NETC FASTag?

    NETC FASTag is a device that employs Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology for making toll payments directly from the prepaid account linked to it. It is fixed on the windscreen of your vehicle, which enables you to drive through any toll plaza - so you don’t have to stop for any cash transactions.

    • The tag has a validity of 5 years and after purchasing it you only need to recharge/reload i.e. top-up the tag as per your requirement. Kindly ensure minimum balance at all times. To know minimum balance, click here
  • What are the benefits of FASTag?

    Here are some of the benefits NETC FASTag offers-

    • You don’t need to stop for cash transactions at any toll plaza
    • Tag can be recharged online through credit card/debit card/Net Banking/Mobile Banking/ UPI/ PayZapp
    • You will receive SMS & Email alerts for toll transactions, low balance status, etc.
    • Dedicated online portal for customers to keep track of the transactions
  • Tag Validity

    • The tag has a validity of 5 years
    • On the date of expiry, tag will be auto renewed for next 5 years in the system and communicated to respective FASTag customer.
  • FASTag is Blocked / Freezed or will get Blocked due to Non-KYC, here's what needs to be done

    With the new Video-KYC feature, now you can update the KYC in to your NETC FASTag Wallet. To proceed with, please click here

  • Activation

    • The issued FASTag will always be in active mode.
    • Still facing issues, Contact us
  • Track your FASTag

  • Application Documentation

    Submit the following documents along with the application for FASTag:

    • Submit a Registration Certificate (RC), and KYC documents according to your vehicle category.
    • For Individuals:
      • ID proof and Address proof from the list mentioned:
      • Driving License, PAN Card (mandatory), valid Passport (photo page and address page), Voter ID Card, Aadhar card with address (First 8 digit to be masked).
    • For Corporates:
      • Public Ltd/Private Ltd/Partnership Proprietorship.
      • Certificate of Incorporation/Partnership Deed/Registration certificate of the firm/PAN Card of Proprietor.
      • PAN Card (mandatory) of the corporate address proof of the Proprietor.
      • Photo ID of signing authority under Shop Act or other firm proof.
      • List of Directors with names and addresses of partners.
    • Fill the application form and submit.
    • Ensure all required documents are in the name of the vehicle owner.
    • If the car owner is not present at the time of application filing, the driver will need to submit his photo ID proof.
  • How do I recharge my HDFC Bank NETC FASTag Wallet?

    You can recharge your HDFC Bank NETC FASTag wallet via:

    • MyCards
      Visit MyCards portal > Add FASTag > Enter Vehicle Number. Once FASTag is added: Recharge > Enter vehicle details and amount > Recharge.
    • FASTag portal
      Visit the portal > Quick recharge > Enter vehicle details and amount > Recharge.
    • MobileBankingLogin > Pay > Bill Pay > Add Biller > FASTag > Enter details and amount > Recharge.
    • NetBanking
      Login > Bill Pay & Recharge > FASTag > HDFC Bank – FASTag > Enter details and amount > Recharge.
    • PayZapp
      Login > Bill Pay > FASTag > HDFC Bank – FASTag > Enter details and amount > Recharge.
      Download PayZapp App
    • UPI
      Log into any UPI app > FASTag Recharge > HDFC Bank – FASTag > Enter vehicle number and amount > Recharge.
    • WhatsApp

      i. Incase unregistered for ChatBanking on WhatsApp
      Save 70-700-222-22 in contacts > Send "FASTag" to 70-700-222-22 on WhatsApp > Select "Recharge" from the menu options > Confirm Amount > Confirm UPI PIN

      ii. If you are already registered on ChatBanking
      Send "FASTag" to 70-700-222-22 on WhatsApp > Select "Recharge" from the menu options > Confirm Amount > Confirm UPI PIN

      QR Code for FASTag on WhatsApp (Scan below QR for HDFC FASTag Recharge)

    • Via HDFC FASTag QR code:
      Now you can recharge your wallet using QR printed on your HDFC Bank NETC FASTag.

      Open any UPI application > Scan QR provided on the HDFC FASTag > Confirm Recharge Amount > Enter UPI Pin

  • How can I check balance in my HDFC Bank FASTag Wallet?

    You can give a missed call on 720 805 3999 from your registered mobile number and receive an SMS with your wallet balance details.

  • Does the balance in FASTag expire?

    Your FASTag balance does not expire so long as the FASTag sticker is valid, i.e., 5 years.

  • Can I withdraw my FASTag balance?

    No, you cannot withdraw your FASTag balance. However, after you close the wallet, any balance amount shall be refunded to your source bank account.

  • What is the minimum balance required for FASTag?

    There is no requirement for minimum balance in your FASTag account. However, if sufficient balance is not maintained, any toll amount charged will be deducted from the security deposit paid at the time of FASTag application.

  • How to get HDFC Bank FASTag?

    You can avail HDFC Bank FASTag just by applying online. Please visit the link: https://apply.hdfcbank.com/digital/fastag
    Or You can check with your nearest HDFC Bank branch for availing Over the Counter (OTC) FASTag facility.

  • Why do I have to pay for security deposit?

    Security deposit is used to pay any outstanding toll charges in case of insufficient funds in your FASTag wallet.

  • Do I get any interest on the wallet balance & security deposit?

    No, there is no interest given on any balance/security deposit in the FASTag wallet.

  • Does the security deposit remain on the tag or in the wallet?

    The security deposit you pay will be applicable for each tag and won’t be a part of your wallet balance.

  • Is it possible to transfer my FASTag from existing bank to HDFC Bank?

    It is not possible to transfer the FASTag sticker and wallet balance from one bank to another. Each FASTag is linked to a specific issuer bank, and wallet balances are associated with the respective accounts. If you change banks, you need to close your existing FASTag account and get a new FASTag from HDFC Bank.

  • I have received an HDFC Bank FASTag from Paytm, will it get blocked due to recent RBI circular against Paytm Payment Bank?

    No, your HDFC Bank FASTag will be accepted at all toll plazas as usual. 

  • I have a Paytm FASTag for my vehicle. Will it be mapped to HDFC Bank FASTag system?

    No, it will not get mapped to HDFC Bank FASTag system. You must close the Paytm issued tag by raising closure request with Paytm Payment Bank Team.

  • How do I get a new HDFC Bank FASTag?

    You can avail HDFC Bank FASTag just by applying online. Please visit the link: https://apply.hdfcbank.com/digital/fastag OR you can check with your nearest HDFC Bank branch for availing Over the Counter (OTC) FASTag facility. 

  • Can I buy the HDFC Bank FASTag even if I don’t have a savings/current account with HDFC Bank?

    You can buy an HDFC Bank NETC FASTag even if you don’t have any savings/current account by visiting the link: https://apply.hdfcbank.com/digital/fastag  

  • What are the fees and charges for FASTag?

    Please click here for Fees and Charges

  • When will I get my FASTag once successfully applied for HDFC Bank FASTag?

    Your FASTag will be dispatched by T+2 and Delivered by T+4. 

  • How to check FASTag dispatch status?

    You can click here to check your FASTag dispatch status using FASTag Application No / Mobile No / Vehicle Registration No. 

  • I have a requirement for a few tags for my commercial vehicles. Can I apply online?

    You can apply for FASTag online only for vehicles under Vehicle Class 4 (passenger cars) and Vehicle Class 20 (Small Pick-up trucks like Tata Ace/ Maruti Carry/ Mahindra Maximo, etc). Contact your nearest HDFC Bank branch for FASTag on heavy vehicles like Trucks, Buses, Earth Moving vehicles, Cranes, etc. 

    For more details, please click here 

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