Swift and Seamless Banking with HDFC Bank XpressWay

What is HDFC Bank XpressWay?

In the current era of the internet and digitisation, the way we do everything has changed. From the time of writing letters to sending text messages via mobile, everything around us has become easier and faster.

The same is now true for banking! HDFC Bank XpressWay is here to make your banking experience easier and faster like never before.

HDFC Bank XpressWay is a one-stop solution for all your banking needs. It is a 100% digital platform that provides you best-in-class product application and services at an incredible speed. It reduces the need for human assistance during the application process. HDFC Bank XpressWay is a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) service platform enabling you to fulfil your banking needs seamlessly.

Products offered via HDFC Bank XpressWay

Being a one-stop digital solution for your banking needs, HDFC Bank XpressWay covers a range of products and services. The platform currently offers 30+ products, including -

  1. Loans: You can now simply go to HDFC Bank XpressWay for all your lending needs. The platform covers an array of loans like Personal Loans, Car Loans, Two-Wheeler Loans, Education Loans, Business Loans, Agriculture Loans, etc. With HDFC Bank XpressWay, the entire loan process is 100% digital. When you log in, you can see all the available loan offers for your account and select the one that suits your needs!
  2. Credit Cards: If you already have a Credit Card or are looking to get a new Credit Card, HDFC Bank XpressWay has got you covered. Using the platform, you can apply for a new Credit Card, enhance the limit of your existing Credit Card, upgrade your Credit Card, convert your existing spends to EMIs, manage your Credit Card, and more.
  3. Account opening: You can use HDFC Bank XpressWay to open a new bank account. Via the platform, you can open both a Current Account and a Savings Account.
  4. Investments: To achieve financial freedom in the long run, it is essential to inculcate the habit of investments. With HDFC Bank XpressWay, you can now digitally book Fixed and Recurring Deposits. You can even open a Demat Account and apply for government social security schemes via this tech-savvy platform.

Getting pre-approved offers from HDFC Bank XpressWay

Pre-approved offers are offers that have already been approved by the bank and can be availed based on your needs instantly. This eliminates the need to first apply and then wait for the bank to approve your application.

With HDFC Bank XpressWay, you can get an array of pre-approved offers on your account. After logging into the platform, you can see the range of offers that have been pre-approved for you basis your banking relationship and credit score.

The list of pre-approved offers for your account is dynamic and, thus, will keep refreshing according to your evolving relationship with the bank.

All the pre-approved offers will include the term 'pre-approved' for easier identification. For the offers that aren’t pre-approved already, you can still apply for them and HDFC Bank will accordingly initiate the review of your application.

Digital services available via HDFC Bank XpressWay

Apart from a range of products offered at your convenience via HDFC Bank XpressWay, the platform also provides you with multiple value-added services that will make your banking journey completely seamless. Some of these services are -

  1. PAN updation: If you want to update the details of your PAN Card associated with HDFC Bank, you can simply log into the platform and do it digitally with ease.
  2. Change of address: If you have shifted your residence and are worrying about updating your new address details with the bank, HDFC Bank XpressWay has got you covered. Now, with just a few clicks, you can update your address of residence by using your Aadhaar number.
  3. Update or modify your nominee details: Having a nominee for your account and investments is necessary. You can update or modify your associated nominee details by using HDFC Bank XpressWay for your Savings Account, Fixed Deposits and Recurring Deposits.
  4. Re-KYC: You can update your demographic details associated with your account using HDFC Bank XpressWay.
  5. Form 15 G / H: By using HDFC Bank XpressWay, you can submit Form 15 G / H to avail of the TDS deduction exemptions within the permissible limit on income earned from interest on deposits.

HDFC Bank services via XpressWay

Apart from the value-added services and products being offered, HDFC Bank XpressWay allows you to access bank-related services like -

  1. HDFC Bank NetBanking: The facility to bank online is a must-have these days. Given the digital nature of the platform, you can seamlessly access HDFC Bank NetBanking and fulfill all your digital banking needs.
  2. HDFC Bank BillPay: You can access and use BillPay via HDFC Bank XpressWay to simply pay all your outstanding bills from one place!
  3. HDFC Bank SmartBuy: Make your online shopping a more rewarding experience by getting exclusive, fantastic deals via SmartBuy.

With the constant evolution in technology and the need for convenience, the way you bank also needs to be easy and fast. HDFC Bank XpressWay caters to all of your banking needs to make your experience completely seamless.

From offering lending products to investment facilities, HDFC Bank XpressWay provides you with various value-added services and other banking offers. The platform allows you to avail of pre-approved offers for your account to increase the speed of banking even more.

So, it is time you start experiencing this banking revolution and start transacting via HDFC Bank XpressWay!

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