Vigil Aunty - Safe & Secure Banking with Friendly-Neighborhood Lady

I am Vigil Aunty - A superhero influencer equipped with the latest information on frauds. As our country advances towards becoming 'Digital India', I have stepped up to the occasion to lead a movement to get us 'Freedom from Frauds' that means ensuing a safe and secure banking experience for everyone.

In the recent past, India has seen a sharp rise in cases of financial fraud. With rise of frauds there must be a rise in creating awareness about frauds.

I, Vigil Aunty will educate people about fraud and its prevention techniques, and I'll also guide those who have gotten defrauded. Remember, only way to make this movement successful is with your support by joining Vigil Army.

Disclaimer: The appearance of Vigil Aunty's bindi has been refreshed with a change in color from red to blue for a distinctive look.