What is phishing?

Have you been a victim of phishing? Read on to know what is phishing.

What is payments fraud?

Payment fraud happens when a person or an entity gains unauthorised access to another individual's or entity's payment information, such as a Credit Card or Debit Card.

What is online banking fraud?

Here are the different modes of frauds and essential tips that can help you prevent online banking scams.

What is money transfer scams?

Money transfer scams happen when scammers manipulate individuals into making payments into their accounts.

What is loan fraud?

Loan fraud refers to any fraudulent activity aimed at deceiving the borrower or the lender of credit facilities.

What is insurance fraud?

It is crucial to understand the various types of insurance frauds and scams so that both insurance companies and customers can stay safe from these sneaky schemes.

What is cheque fraud?

Cheque frauds are more common than you think. Read to find out more.

What is Credit Card fraud?

Over time, Credit Card frauds have increased. Are you aware about the different types of frauds?

How To Identify Fake Website

In today's online world, where you can shop, learn, and connect through websites, some fake websites are created to trick you.

What is ATM Card skimming?

To prevent being a victim of any fraud, you must know the mechanics of the scam itself.

Types of phishing

With the advancement of technology, cybercriminals have also improved their techniques to exploit and trick innocent people into sharing sensitive information.

What is account fraud?

Account takeover fraud is when a fraudster gains unauthorised access to your bank account by hacking into your system or using stolen credentials.

QR code scams

Quick response codes, commonly known as QR codes, are two-dimensional barcodes that store information that an electronic device can read.

What is Debit Card fraud?

Read about some common ways in which Debit Card related scams take place.

What is online banking fraud?

Explore the realm of online banking fraud, learning to recognize and mitigate risks, ensuring a secure online banking experience with HDFC Bank.

How to report fraudulent transactions to HDFC Bank

It is important to identify and report fraudulent transactions to ensure your financial well-being.

Tips to identify and prevent SIM swap fraud

In today's digital age, seamless integration of technology has revolutionised the way we interact with people, thereby increasing our reliance on mobile phones.

How to file complaints for bank fraud

Navigate the world of bank fraud complaints with ease and keep your money safe from online scams.

How to identify an e-commerce fraud

With online shopping becoming so  convenient, there's a problem: e-commerce fraud. 

How online shopping frauds happen

Scammers use various tricks to fool people into making purchases without their consent.

Tips to identify suspicious transactions on your HDFC Bank account

Digital transactions have become an important part of our daily lives.

Your Guide to Ensuring Security in the Digital World of QR Codes

In the digital era, QR codes have emerged as convenient tools for a wide range of activities. With an increase in their usage, there are associated risks that you should be aware of.

Why password privacy is important

If your passwords are easy to guess, then your bank account will always be at a constant risk of being compromised.

Protecting Passwords : Measures to Enhance Your Security

Your password serves as the key to accessing your digital identity.

Responsible Credit Card usage: A guide

With the rapidly changing lifestyle and increased penetration of literacy and banking facilities, the demand for Credit Cards is on the rise.

What you must know about Mobile Phone Security

In this article, you will understand why you should check the SIM card status with your telecom provider and how to ensure mobile phone security

The importance of reporting an unauthorised OTP alert

While making payments digitally, you usually need to authenticate your transaction and verify your identity using an OPT.

Red Flags : How to Spot and Avoid Online Scams

You need to pay close attention to URLs if you don't want to get scammed.