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Education is a key pillar in nation building and is therefore a key focus area for the bank. HDFC Bank Parivartan's education programmes focus on teacher training, scholarships, career guidance and infrastructure support. Through our efforts, we aim to enhance the quality of learning across the nation

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Location: Jhinkpani block, West Singhbhum district, Jharkhand

Beneficiaries: 239 girl students

Villages in the Jhinkpani block have agri-based economies but suffer from neglect of farm lands due to poor or no knowledge of multiple cropping.

This leads to seasonal migration and families with little or no education have their children working at an early age. The area being surrounded by mines, the adolescents of the community would seek daily wage jobs at brick kiln sites, stone crusher units, etc.

The Bank with its partner NGO NEEDS identified that the tribal communities in the area were close to traditional sports activities. The Ho community in particular is inclined towards archery. Hoping to leverage this, a 15-day Archery Camp was held in July 2018. A total of 239 adolescent girls from 11 to 18 years from 15 villages were identified and 74 girls were selected for the camp.

Since then, the teachers have reported increased attendance by the girls following the camp. Their story has also served as an inspiration for other girls, who have shown interest in archery and other sports. In fact, six girls have been selected by the West Singhbhum Archery for State Archery Championship.


Location: Pre-primary education centre in Hallisalgar gram panchayat in Aland Taluka

Beneficiaries: 115+ children

Pre-primary education is a crucial phase in the life of a child. The lack of physical and psycho-social stimulus in their learning environment during these growing years can have detrimental effects on a child’s growth. Anganwadis (pre-primary government education centres), while providing educational support, are typically dilapidated structures without any colour or appropriate infrastructure, ventilation or light. These are a cause of worry as they cater to the youngest of our nation’s citizens.

Our Bank under the HRDP supported the complete renovation of five anganwadis. This included minor and major repairs of the centre, painting, educational wall with inspiring quotes and other relevant write-ups, playing materials, chairs, tables, almirahs, and water purifiers. The five centres cover more than 115 children. A well-maintained centre with playing materials was provided by MYRADA-HDFC Bank HRDP for Little Angels. To make the centres lively and engaging, pictures of animals, fruits, alphabets, numbers etc. were painted on the walls of anganwadis.

Thanks to these renovations, children showed more interest in coming to these centres. As a result, a plan was created to introduce such improvements in all the anganwadis of the villages that fall under the HRDP in the state.

According to the Child Development Project Officer (CDPO) of Aland Block Mr Shrikanth, if such centres are set up across the district, more children will be motivated to come and learn there, which would positively impact their development in the long run.


Organizing blood donation drive

HDFC Bank conducts one of India's largest single day blood donation drives. The Bank started this initiative in 2007 when over 4000 volunteers came forward to donate blood. Over the past eight years, this initiative has grown in size and stature. On 11th December 2015, HDFC Bank's All India Blood Donation Drive was attended by 1,76,022 volunteers, with 1,49,562 units collected.

Payroll giving programme for employees

Under this programme, employees are provided with an easy and convenient mechanism to donate a small share of their salaries on a monthly basis. The accumulated corpus is annually donated to a charity of their choice. HDFC Bank matches their contribution, thereby endorsing the charity they choose to support. The initiative is running since 11 years and the Bank has collectively managed to make a contribution of Rs 14.41 crore to different organisations through give India.

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